Fun Facts about Casinos You Didn’t Know

Casinos are practically everywhere these days. If you want to play casino games, like daftar judi online or any game for that matter, you can even look for them online. With so much happening in casinos, there are some fun facts associated with land-based casinos that most people visiting the place would know as a part of history. You still can catch up with those fun facts about land-based casinos even if you are an online player. Here’s a list of some interesting facts about casinos.

The biggest slot machine win

If you wonder what the biggest slot machine win ever in the history of casino games was, it was a whopping amount of $40 million. This happened on March 21st of 2003 in Las Vegas. While 10 percent is an average return upon winning, this young lad got about 40000000 percent of an astonishing return on his investment of $100.

The Casino hero

Archie Karas is known as the hero of the casino in Las Vegas for a reason. His longest winning streak was turning mere $50 to $40 million in a span of three years. However, Archie has had a history of winning and losing. He lost what he won the following year.

The Poker hero

People know of Teddy Sheringham as a formal football player. However, not many know that Teddy actively takes part in poker tournaments in Las Vegas and places around Europe. His total earnings through a number of poker tournament account up to $330,000.

The longest lasting poker game

For many people, spending much time playing a poker tournament would be such a tiring job. What starts off being fun becomes dull soon. However, in 1881, the longest poker tournament ever in history started. It lasted 8 years and 5 months; while players played the game entire 24 hours a day for this span of time.

The quickest loss

The quickest loss in the history of casino games is just as astonishing as the biggest win ever. Robert Maxwell, a British media mogul was playing roulette wheels; three at the same time. While he was playing, he lost $1.5 million in a matter of three minutes.

These are some of the fun facts about casinos that any person who loves casino games should know. With both winning and losing being a matter of fate, casinos have witnessed some of the most insane wins and losses.

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